teacher49 August 25th, 2007

Princess Diana was such a beautiful princess of the people. Everyone felt they could identify with her. She was like a gift to all people. She did things for others through her position that others can't do. We thank her for that. She was an absolutely beautiful, loving, and caring person. Oh, and don't forget her being a wonderful mother to her two sons. She accomplished more in her short life than many do in a full lifetime. She was radiant, and yet, she had her foibles. This made her human. If she didn't have these we would not have recognized ourselves in her. "What a wonderful life!!" I love her as the fairy princess of my dreams as a little girl, but I also love her as the benevolent princess of peace and love. Our only consolation can be that we knew of her at all. My heart still aches for this beautiful woman. I truly admire her and wish that I had been able to know her personally although I feel like I did.