Linda Ann Louisa Quincy Adams June 28th, 2008

I sent her a condolence card on the passing of her Father, and not even three weeks later, she hand wrote a letter to me to console me about my Father's Alzheimer condition caused by Agent Orange exposure during his service in the Vietnam War. She said, "That life is short, that society doesn't expect our hearts and their heads get it all wrong. That we should love, touch, learn and teach and use what's learned for the benefit of others." When she passed away, I had just experienced a broken heart; I pulled her letter out and read it, since I had written to her about alot of my own insecurities and tragedies; I felt like the one person who could understand that I wasn't perfect had taken all of my stories and what I had shared with her to heaven. I so deeply miss her presence in this cold and calculating world, in which people alot of the time believe gossip and are suspicious of kindness. Linda Quincy Adams 26th June, 2008